Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rosh Hoshanah

Well, those of you who know us, know we aren't Jewish. But you probably also know we are members of a bible/Jesus believing homeschool group that is multi denominational. That being said, we had a very different, yet educational experience last night. A family from CHEFS invited our group to their land for a potluck and learning about the biblical holiday rosh hoshanah with a sunset sounding of the shofar. I think we were definitely in the minority as it seemed most of them were Jewish. They did a sabbath? ritual of handwashing followed by getting challah bread and grape juice, and after some Hebrew blessings, took that. Then they blessed the husbands, wives, and children using the Torah. We just sat back and listened instead of participating, but it was interesting to observe. Then we heard some of the history of the shofar (ram's horn trumpet) and of rosh hoshanah. It is the welcoming of 2 days of repentance at the start of the Jewish new year, hence all the blessings. At sundown when the moon or first stars appear, a fire is lit and the shofar is sounded 10 times. It was something we had never experienced before. The sound was amazing. Afterward we had a potluck meal. It was interesting to be a part of one of the Old Testament feasts. This one is also known as Feast of Trumpets.

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