Monday, September 22, 2008

Exciting things are coming...

Well, October is almost here and that means the school year is really taking off. We are about to really work the kinks out of our schedule. You see, we have to compensate for missing homeschool on Fridays to do co-op, so I am trying to figure it all out. We also dropped gymnastics and took up an art class so that is another compensation. Anyway, I digress. October holds lots of fun. We start our Greenville Entertainment Series concerts, go to the homeschool day at the zoo, use our free state fair tickets (kids have never been) and start our Pizza Hut reading program. We also get to show off a bit at the CHEFS science/history fair, and have a family reunion to attend. We have a bank tour , too. Busy month! Somewhere in the midst of it all I need to get the oil changed in the van. But it is a fun time. I think I may also look into karate for the kids. Sheryl Nix uses a place I think I would like that is inexpensive and doesn't require uniforms. He just teaches for movements and exercise benefits. Besides, it is someone I know and trust. This will be my month off teaching Wednesday night bible class so that will make things a bit easier, and no Children's Bible Hour teaching for me until December. But LTC might get started soon and I have 2 kids participating in that. Will post soon I hope! Gotta get some dishes unloaded, kitchen cleaned and start devo time! God bless!

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