Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of Friday School

Boy, was I tired this afternoon. It had a little to do with Kimberly being up with allergy issues last night, but mostly that today was the first day of our co-op classes. We were really excited because Clay took off work and he was able to come see what we do each semester! We run 3 classes from 9-12 for ages 0-18. It is a lot of fun! I am currently teaching art for ages K-2nd grade. Messy and fun! When we left, the kids were exhausted, Kimberly and Jordan were in mommy withdrawal, and everyone was hungry. But they all talked nonstop about how great their classes were. Jacob is taking fitness fun, etiquette, and video making. Emily is taking drama, cooking and nutrition, and video making. Elizabeth is taking lapbooking, zoology, and cup stacking. Jordan is taking storytime/playdough, cupstacking, and outside play. Kimberly stays in the playland. I am not sure what the consensus was, but all seemed to be going well and everyone seemed to have a blast. Now, it was pretty chaotic and LOUD while the board entertained the kids while cleaning was done, but if that is the worst of it, then it was a great day. Looking forward to next week!

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