Saturday, July 19, 2008

What an evening!

Well, I think I am getting the hang of the new camera. I practiced yesterday while the kids had about 5 friends over to play, and practiced some more at our 20 year reunion last night. Sadly, I didn't really get that many pics at the reunion. Oh well. Today we are all tired. I don't think a single kid slept on the ride home!
But back to real life, huh? I am making a run to Wal-Mart for a training potty for Kimberly. I have had it with finding dirty diapers on the floor, from a kid that obviously knows what's going on with her body. It is time to train! And I suppose it is time to pack up the crib and train her to sleep in the bottom bunk with Emily! I think I had better do a lot of praying, because this promises to be a bumpy ride! Lord willing this will all be smoothly accomplished before we start our homeschool year in late August! At least I don't have legwork to do to get ready for learning time! I totally redid my planning and made up my own notebook and planner/recording pages for everything I need, AND I have all curriculum organized and ready to use, AND I have the year planned out academically. All I really need is office supplies, so when Staples says "teacher appreciation day" I will be all over it and ready to roll.
Well, since I rolled out of bed late today, I need to get my daily bible reading done and then get started on the day. I promised Emily we'd buy fabric and I'd teach her to sew on my machine!

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