Wednesday, July 2, 2008

conversations with a 4 year old

As I was talking to Jordan a little while ago, I commented on his shirt. It was covered in lots of animal footprints. I said, "Hey Jordan, what happened to you? It looks like animals walked all over you!" He looked at me kind of funny, so I went on to say, "Those tracks on your shirt...did that happen when you were sleeping in the forest?" He got this twinkle in his eye and said, "Oh, yes, it did! When I was sleeping in the forest the animals stomped all over me, and now my brother is missing in the forest, too!" So I played along saying, "Wow! Were you scared?" So he said, "Yes, i was, but we have to find my brother!" So I said, "We better call a park ranger to help find him." Then Jordan said, "We can't, because the park ranger is dead!" I said, "Oh man! That's terrible! What happened to him?" He said with a very solemn face, "The animals got him." I just cracked up at that point.

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