Friday, July 18, 2008

Entering New Territory

Elizabeth took apart an alphabet puzzle and wrote all her letters--just because she wanted to!! Yea! She will be starting some first grade work in a few weeks!

This is a picture frame Clay made from some scrap wood we had. We love this picture, but the glass broke when we moved here and the frame was an old cheap metal one. Good Job Honey!
And these are the 5 porcelain dolls Emily got off ebay. They cost us a whopping $13 for all 5!! I love ebay, and she loves to play with the dolls!
Anyway, this is my last post using photos from our old Kodak 3.1 megapixel CX7330. With a little knowledge, I plan to start using our new Pentax 8.0 megapixel optio E50 camera. It was not a purchase, but a reward to Clay for 20 years of service with Cytec Engineered Materials. Hopefully I can learn to use it quickly, as I am somewhat technologically challenged!

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