Thursday, June 19, 2008

Costs are rising!

Well, I got a notice today that the organic food co-op is closing due to gas cost. We so loved that co-op! I guess we will be eating less fruit, now, or maybe we should cut back the meat since no one eats much of it anyway. Well, anyway, we had the discussion today of the future possibility of dropping gymnastics due to cost. Their poor faces just fell! But what can you do? Got to have food, gas and doctor visits paid for first! I just hope we can still afford to drive to homeschool co-op this fall. That would be crushing to us all to have to skip those classes! But as always, i am sure the Lord will provide what we need and help us to be content with the blessings we have. We have just always been so blessed that we don't know what it really means to do without anything. Our true necessities have always been in place. Our blessings really do overflow, despite rising costs!
Have a blessed day!

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