Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 12ish??

Homeschool is going pretty well this year. The kids are progressing very well and more independently than I had dared hope. Kids are making some good decisions on what to study. Piano has been going well, and so has dance and ECD and friendships and filming and youth activities. Not long and we will begin LTC practices. Also, there is a possibility of a film school in january for one of the kids. The latest premiere went very well, too. But the big thing the kids are looking forward to is The Hobbit, which is coming out in December. And since they have no Nutcracker performance for the first time in 4 years, they are free to do other things. I thought I would really miss it, but I am not missing it as much as I thought. I do however miss the adult interaction at the studio. Lots of us are not hanging around anymore during classes so we miss our mom social times. That has been hard. And I haven't had a houseful of kids for a movie in several months due to busy lives...or a carload of filmies...but that may change in a few days. Also, we will have more concentrated family time in a few weeks as Clay takes off from work for an extended period. It has worked very well. Adjustments come, but so far we are rolling right along, happily.
Well, that is all I can write for the moment, for our afternoon is going to be filled with appointments and shopping in Rockwall. And I must get some decent clothes on. Have a blessed day!

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