Monday, October 22, 2012


What is important? God, family, using time wisely with those you love...among many other things. Everything competes for our time. In fact, I just spent time trying to upload photos here and it failed for some reason. Why? To save memories, that I never want to forget. That is why I have multiple flash drives, dvds and external drives for photos to store on. Because I want to be able to recall everything. Even though chances are I may never browse these storage devices. At least I have them. Kind of like my patterns. Important, yes, If i ever get around to sewing anything. I suspect they are like my pinterest boards....virtual clothes I may likely never own. So I guess, I will waste a bit more time and try to re-upload my photos so you can see our life, which i would love to tell you about. Unfortunately it has been a month, almost, since I last posted and I just don't have that kind of time or memory. Sorry. That is what pictures are for, right? After all, they are said to be worth a thousand words...I am assuming, each. And just so you know, I am writing this at a bit past midnight, and Emily is standing here laughing at my post. Yeah. Neither of us apparently are tired enough to sleep yet. Go figure. I guess we both have a dysfunctional "off" switch. Ok, so let me try this photo upload again and go waste some time on pinterest while it loads.
 Well, lookie there! It actually worked. Oh, wait, who took that??!!!! Please! The things my kids do at the park!
 Jordan really is not trying to kill his sister here. They are having fun. I think...
 Kim making faces at me...still cute.
 Oh, this was the best zoo trip ever! These kids are just so much fun! We had a great day.
 Learning about owls, taking pictures, hanging out and all that fun stuff. We laugh a lot. A LOT.

 Look how they have grown! Where has the time gone???

 Is she not just adorable???
 hey, he caught a birdie!
 Fire station trip with the two youngest.
 Home school group thing. it was pretty fun.
 Liz dressed to go with Allison to Magic Time Machine. She had a blast! So cute in costume!
So here we are at the end. These were woefully out of order. Oh well. I am NOT going to fix that. Hope you have a great day. It is already Tuesday, by the case you were wondering.

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