Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Week Almost Gone

I love homeschooling. LOVE IT. And better yet, my kids love it. Not that they know anything else. As the weather cools, the older two even play outsode with the younger ones, even though they are both well past "playing". It is great to see. I love to watch their growth as people becoming adults. It is too fast, to be sure, but I get to experience all of it...almost all of it. I love seeing them become independent from their family, yet always drawn back to us. That is heartwarming. Truly. I love seeing them with their friends, and the activities they different from what I chose as a teen (thank GOD!).  So centered on goodness and purity and being godly in all they do. Makes me proud. Makes me hopeful.
So another week of our lives is passing away, and the memories are priceless. God is so good to have led us to this place, and these choices. I cannot have a day pass without feeling the blessings in abundance, and I am ever thankful.

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