Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

I started the day with a walk at 6:45am. When I arrived back home at 7:05, i woke the kids (except Jacob who was already up) and got coffee for them. I took coffee with me on my prayer walk. We watched Spongebob and visited and then i made my bed and got breakfast prepped and meat set out to thaw for supper. By 7:30 we were walking the dogs and bike riding in the neighborhood. It was really nice outside. After the walk we came inside and made and ate breakfast. While the kids went outside to play driveway soccer, i cleaned the kitchen. They came in at 8:30 to make beds and brush teeth. We started our devo at 8:40 with beautiful singing, bible reading, memory work and prayer. At 9am the oldest two went to work on their studies and I worked with the youngest three off and on until lunch at noon. Then we did chores at 12:50 and PE bike ride and basic exercises at 1:30-2:15. We are a bit behind right now. We took a jello break....The oldest two are completing science and spanish while the younger ones are about to work on history and have read aloud time. that will wrap up our day. They can play games together until time to clean up, make supper, and go to dance classes.
And that is our first day, in a nutshell.

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