Thursday, August 2, 2012

and still no photos

Ahhh...i am sitting here pondering life in about 3 weeks. Because that is when our homeschool year will begin. As for now, we are just chillin"...but i think we will have to have some structure or the kids might get into trouble. Some of them anyway. Yes, I know my grammar leaves much to be desired in this post, but i'm on summer break, ok?

Here is what I think school will look like this year with a 9th, 7th, 4/5th, 3rd and 1st grader:
I hope to wake and walk with coffee in hand by 7am, and wake the kids before I leave. I hope. And then i HOPE to walk the dogs by 730 and have breakfast ready by 8:10 so we can be into devo by 8:40. We'll see how that works. From there, at 9 or shortly thereafter, i hope the oldest two will beging working independently while I rotate through with the other three, giving two breaks. Lunch should come at noon followed by free time, chores, and PE by 1:30. I plan to have each kid in charge of a day of the week to be lunch and dinner workers. After PE, we have science and electives for the oldest two, and combined subjects of fine arts, spanish and sci/history for the other three. Then an afternoon snack/down time, cleanup, and supper...then extracurriculars and service and family time. Full days, to be sure.
And that about sums it up.
I am looking forward to seeing how it goes the first two weeks.
I can't believe how much homeschooling has evolved for us as we move through the years. I couldn't have pictured it. But I learned a while back to go with the flow and make it work for us. If we are happy and moving toward independent, godly adulthood I am happy. And sad. But mostly happy.

So I am off to enjoy kids and the rest of our day. May God bless you and yours!

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