Sunday, July 1, 2012

July is here???

Yep. Times fly by when fun is occurring. And so we arrived in July after a week of NETSYS, some skating, one bowling session, several dance camps, a week of filming swimming and fun, and a great VBS week. July comes in a bit cooler to start, and so begins the summer learning. We have a good bit to accomplish and I do not think all of it will get done, but if 4 out of 5 can get done and we can get last years scrapbooking done I think it will be great. Then we can take off the first two weeks of August and get back to a regular schedule by the 20th. And I got the Sonlight binder in order and just need 3 more books to complete the curriculum. Got all kids things labeled and did some downsizing. Feels good. This year, like all of our homeschooling years, life is taking a different turn. It is changing once again and we have to move differently to roll with it. But I like it. Prayers have been answered, and some have yet to be answered. But life is definitely GOOD.

So that was short and sweet, for the version. Hope your July is blessed. I need a nap. Good afternoon, all!

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