Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick update in pictures....

Ok, so since LTC we have been busy catching up with schooling and working diligently on our character issues, which have been somewhat numerous with the youngers. This has been an odd year for them with teens in the house. Their sleep schedule is not good. They do not like to sleep alone, but the older kids don't want to go to bed at 9pm. So the little stay up and get super grouchy and irritable. So we had to reinstate mandatory naptimes. Hate to do that but life can be unbearable without it.
We also had to research some creative parenting techniques with our "spankings make me even angrier" kids. So far so good.
We let the kids have a Pirates of the Caribbean movie party on Saturday as a reward for good behavior and just for fun. We LOVE those movies so we all watched Dead Man's Chest and ate lots of snacks and entertained each other. it was so much fun we must do it again to watch At World's End!
That is about all we have done. Short and sweet.

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