Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LTC was great

Genesis is a very familiar book to most of us, but with 50 chapters, it can be overwhelming to learn. there is just so much detail there. My LTC kides have been studying and reading Genesis every Wednesday night in class, and during bible time at home for 3 months. We also read through it over the summer and spent the past week really studying. So I am not surprised they got a gold, silver and bronze in competition. I am proud of them. I was a judge for bible bowl and could not answer all the questions myself. But no matter how many they missed, i know they came out knowing more than they did when they began and knowledge of the bible is a precious thing to have.
Jacob was a first time song leader and very nervous and unsure of himself, but he earned a gold. Made me smile for him! The scripts were really great for drama and puppets this year and all got gold. And the chorus Emily sang with sounded just gorgeous and they earned a gold, too.
But I was also happy that all three earned a gold on their art. Art is so subjective. Everyone has a different amount of talent and a different interpretation. What is great to one person may be awful to the next. Especially for Lizzy it was a HUGE boost . Having a learning issue and the ensuing things that go along with it, she really needed the gold.
The hotel was nice as always and we were not on the atrium, where the rooms are awfully loud. So it was a busy crazy weekend and they are excited to study for next year! How many people can say that one of their kids favorite activities is bible related??? Actually, any activity relating to church, from class, to CBH, to MNFTM, to LTC, to youth group all rank high for all my kids.
So now we shall rest...sort of.

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