Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The flakes were very large. Jacob was away at a retreat and i was worried about his return. I prayed all morning for safety and God stopped the sleet and it became rain. Just as the bus pulled into the church parking lot it changed back to sleet and snow. I clearly saw the hand of God working to answer my prayers. Praise to HIM!!!!
The kids LOVED playing in the falling snow. It is unusual to have snow 2 years in a row here.
Very unusual.
But oh so much fun!
The snow really made the holly beautiful.
K wanted to eat some as you can see.
Jordand accidentally broke a wax myrtle branch to play with...at least that was his story ;)
They had to warm up when they came in.
Oh, and this is our littlest ballerina...has nothing to do with the snowfall. She's just cute.

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