Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

These are all in backward order, but oh well! Here are the girls playing on Christmas day.
Jordan and daddy put together a model of a Star Wars ship.
Jordan gets a DS.
Kimmie gets a toy computer.
Lizzie gets a DS.
Emily gets a n ipod and Jacob gets Force Unleashed 2.
At the Anderson Christmas with my oldest joy!
Cousins getting ready to open gifts.
Everyone visiting after supper.
Animated discussions.
Will and Kim playing with toys.

Boys lounging with great grandma.
Jordan's atlantis lego.
More cousins opening gifts.
Jacob and Ben.
Lizzie and Kim.
Cousins at the tree.
Jordan got all dressed in some nice clothes he was given by a friend. So handsome!!!
Hope came over one day and the girls all got pedicures and manicures!
It was a very fun time for all of us.

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