Friday, December 3, 2010

Random December

Totally out of order, but I really could care less today. Here is the tree, glowing in it's splendor....
And this is a miniature gingerbread house that Emily made out of sculpey! How cute is that??!!
And this is the food we ate for Thanksgiving at my in-laws house--I would have taken a photo of the food at my parents' house but it wasn't all in one place. Makes ya hungry, doesn't it?
And this is Em and her cousin Alissa--after Thanksgiving dinner they (and Elizabeth) ran a pretend restaurant for the family. I don't recommend eating there as they charged some exorbitant prices!
This was a pretty day at the park. It was just us and Hope, so poor Jordan had no boys to play with. I felt sorry for him.
But he seemed quite happy most of the time. He brought guns just in case his friend Isaiah came.
This was the beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving Day.
Still at the park--messing with the pond. Still totally out of order!
Playing in the street (bad mothering) and jumping in leaves. Very fallish and fun!
One of the crepe myrtles turned a beautiful red. Had to photograph that!
And this is a tea party Emily planned and set up using a fabulous library book, that she would love to have a copy of for her birthday--hint, hint!

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