Monday, December 6, 2010

Babysitter's Club

Opinion column:

People who know us, know that we are particular about the media we expose our family to. Well, last week when at the library, Emily chose a book from the Babysitter's Club series. I was unsure of the appropriateness, but agreed to let her check it out so I could preview it and decide if it was ok. Well, I noticed her reading a chapter so I got the book when she finished the first chapter. I was not happy with the content.
First, this is a series about 4 girls about age 12 who have a babysitting club. They take jobs for neighborhood people and inadvertently end up solving some mysteries that arise. Unfortunately the narrator, which is one of the girls, makes fun of the conservative way 2 of the girls dress (unstylish in plaid skirts and white tops), criticizes one for not wearing makeup (they are TWELVE---HELLO!!), criticizes one parent of a friend for being discriminating about what movies she can see (SHOCKING!), and complains that two of the friends are still babyish since they still play with toys instead of daydream about boys. And all this in the first chapter as she describes how her strict parents are horrible for making her complete her homework which she routinely blows off or does incompletely, and often gets in trouble at school over this matter.
Needless to say I gently told Emily that this book was not appropriate for anyone since it was teaching lust, and disrespect for parents, and immodest dress/makeup. She saw the elements I spoke to her about and agreed.

So that is my take on this series. Though I have only perused one book in this extensive series, it is clear that it will not be coming here again.

COMING SOON: book review and excerpts from a favorite preteen training book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. He and his brothers and parents have great books and a website that is very noteworthy.

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