Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vacation Recap

I have a ton of pictures on facebook, so I will only post a few here, later. I just want to tell a bit about the trip.
It was a LONG drive (about 16 hours with stops) but worth the wait. The house we rented was in Seagrove Beach, Florida--colorfully decorated and cosy. The first night Jordan threw up several times and I washed sheets all night. But after that we were all better. We got groceries and stocked the house. Then our days went something like this:
Get up around 7am and eat breakfast. Get dressed and head to the beach ( a 5 minute walk) with wagon and sand toys. Stay at beach about 1 1/2 hours. Come home and shower and wash clothes (full of sand). Rest, bike, or go shopping. Eat lunch and take a nap. Go to the pool around 2:30 and stay a couple of hours. Come back to house and eat supper. Go to beach with wagon and toys, and stay to watch the sunset. Come home, shower, wash clothes (sandy), and hang out until bedtime.
This happened every day with bike riding sprinkled in, and some minor shopping. We drove to Miramar Beach one day and ate at Pampano Joe's on the beach. I highly recommend the fried mahi-mahi sandwich. Kim does too, because after deciding she didn't like the popcorn shrimp, she ate half my sandwich! Our big fun adventure was going to the Goodwill store in Destin. It was huge and awesome! They have super Goodwill stores there! I know that sounds crazy, but the local shops sell stuff that costs and arm and a leg. I don't know about you, but I will never pay $300 for a dress or $85 for a skirt! It almost killed me to pay $24 for a souvenir T-shirt! Ridiculous!!! Anyway, it was a relaxing week, but full of good exercise. Walking everywhere, especially on the sand, biking, swimming and living in a three story house will give you some exercise! And living by the beach for a week, we used 2 spray bottles and 1 squirt bottle of sunscreen--and a lot of hair conditioner!
We loved it so much, we hop to go back every year for a while-same house if possible. By the way, several have asked how we found the house--lost of googling "seagrove florida vacation rentals" and checking locations with google earth. Ours was through www.vrbo.com, but the invoices came through www.sandcastleescapes.com. They have a ton of great places and off season is from spring break thru May 22. And fall/winter, but who wants to go when the water is cold?
Oh, they post flags every day to let you know how safe the water is. Every day we got red and purple which meant, dangerous current/do not go in past knee level, and there are dangerous marine life present (man-o-war, crabs, sharks, jellyfish). The final night, the red flag was taken down and replaced with yellow which meant the risk from ocean currents was reduced to moderate rather than high risk.

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