Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer is almost over

It is time to get ready for our time of learning. Our schedule, while flexible, has to cover certain subjects and we want to make sure we are giving the kids a quality education with plenty of interesting projects. Here is what our days will look like in another week:

8:45 devo time
9:00 math for everyone
10:00 PE for everyone
10:30-big kids read, younger do language skills
11:00 big kids do language skills, younger work on computer
11:30 writing time for kids
12:00 lunch and chores
1:15 storytime for all kids
1:40 nap for Kimberly, History or science or art for other kids
3:00 rotating skills of music, art, bible, handcrafts, computer
4:00 one on one with kids

Fridays will be Friday School from 9-12, Mondays will be library time from 5-6

So there you have it! A week in our life....
Believe it or not, we look forward to the fun (yes, fun).

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