Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20

Today is my husband's 45th birthday! I cannot believe it. We met at age 16 and began dating a few months later, still at age 16. I have celebrated 29 birthdays with this man! When we picked out rings at age 19, and married at 20, I had no idea what the future would turn out to be, but we were both committed to marriage until death do us part. And here we are about to celebrate 24 years of it!

When people ask, "How do you know you are ready?" I don't know what to say. Do you love them, regardless of looks and health, status and money? Do you think this person will be a good and faithful spouse, and good parent and provider? Will this person encourage you in tough times and stick by you through all your flaws and life changes? If you think yes, and they treat you with tenderness and kindness and make you laugh, then you have something special.

And someday, years down the road, as you celebrate many birthdays and anniversaries and seasons of life together, you will be glad you said yes. You will never see what the future holds and very likely, it will surprise you, who you will both become over time. But take that leap with the one you love. It is worth every second to be with them and have someone to grow old with. Yes, even on the days when they wish you lived elsewhere and vice versa...(yeah, there are days like that...sometimes weeks).

So today I say Happy Birthday to my sweet husband who took a girl from a secular home who had zero knowledge and respect for the bible, and loved her and patiently taught her about Christ. He listened and supported her even when she drove him nuts...which could be often at times. He sacrificed what he wanted over and over for his wife and kids. He led us in Christian ways and still does.

You are looking good, babe! Hope we have the rest of our lives together!

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