Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End of 2013....

It is New Year's Eve and I am home with my husband, and 4 kids, one of whom is sick. The fifth one is at a friend's house, beating her at Mancala. We have no plans as usual. Generally we just stay home, eat pizza, watch TV, and play games. Last year we went to an English Country Dance party, and that was fun. But we are low key this time.
As is the custom, I suppose I will make my list of goals for 2014...here goes...wait, my cake is done. Be right back!
Ok, had to make a glaze, too.
So here is my list.

1.Try to jog 3 days a week, and walk with kids 3 days a week, and have PE at the park 3 days a week.
2. Do a better job keeping up with grading and correcting kids schoolwork.
3. Make sure we focus ourselves each morning with the devo's we have done for years.
4. Keep the family eating mainly real food and as little processed and restaurant food as possible.
5. Focus more on my husband and our relationship.
6. Maintain a well rounded life, that reflects that I am a christian woman, wife, and also a mother.
7. Think on the Word daily, and post it more often on social media, and keep up my prayer life.

As of right now, that is about it. Simple and focused. This is a year to be content in the current season of life, and make the most of opportunities and relationships, while not losing sight of who I am.

So without any fanfare we will ring in the new year, probably watching Psych or laying in bed. And we will live life for God's glory to the best of our ability, trying to share the truth and His love. Here's wishing your family a wonderful New Year.

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