Monday, December 12, 2011

The week before the week of rehearsals...

The past week was busy, but good. A friend had her baby boy last night and he is adorable. Safe to say my kids are jealous....but that has not been in the plans for us. Much as I love babies, I had a really difficult time mentally aftet the fifth one came. Not because she was difficult, but because I needed order to the home and was dealing with learning issues with one and behavioral issues with another and health issues with the baby, and homeschooling and running the home. Some people can handle all that and more with a smile, but I had trouble with it. Anger and frustratiuon were common and so were tears, so God knew what He was doing by not sending another kiddo our way at that time. However, now I feel we are in a good place for that, but being over 40, it probably won't happen, and that is ok because we are TOTALLY enjoying these 5 blessings and watching them grow.
Jacob is a teen filmmaker and so talented, though we are missing him as he involves in more outside activities. But he is still a great kid, very kind and loves to dance. He is making lots of friends and enjoying life.
Emily is a talented crafter and dancer. it has been neat watching her become a lady. She is playing piano and learning and reading a ton and is just an all around helpful, servant of the home. Such a joy!
Elizabeth has come so far in the past year. She is a full blown reader and has more confidence than before. She loves dancing and physical activity. She is quickly becoming a little lady too! So loving.
Jordan has really changed. he is a very loving boy, and has much more self control. he is physical and loves riding bikes and the outdoors. He takes karate but it seems like a love/hate relationship sometimes. He is reading and is so so smart! Fun kid!
And then there is Kimberly. Our littlest ballerina who loves dance more than anything, except maybe puzzles and art. She is a drama queen and totally fixes her hair at least 6 times a day. what a diva! but she adores playing and singing and ballet, and she is learning to read!
They are the loves of my life. I look forward to the day they are all saved and I pray for their futures every day!

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