Sunday, June 13, 2010


it gets so busy..i am going to forego any capitalization so bear with my theme....had a combined birthday for jacob and elizabeth last saturday at the was a lot of fun with makeovers for the girls and nerf wars for the boys...then on to the county fair...all the kids got ribbons for their artwork...they rode 3 rides each and had so much fun together....the next day jacob left home for his first christian camp...none of the kids have ever spent more than a night away from home and only with a grandparent..we haven't done much in sleepovers because you just never know about what might happen, and i am really careful with my kids safety...even people you think you know, you may not really know, ya know.....but thats just one of my he is away and i suppose doing well, and so far, so am i....he will turn 12 while gone so that day will probably involve tears though i am not really an emotional girl, except when it comes to my husband says i think/react more like a man and i take that as a compliment....we have some fun planned for the week and a party to go to next saturday and a baby shower on fathers day...and then i turn 40....its all a wonderful hubby, 5 great kids and a dream life of staying home and homeschooling them...wouldn't change a thing except to slow time passage, and maybe order a better memory...but hey, thats all for now cuz i gots some little darlins to put to bed and pray with..nite nite!

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