Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun Fall Days

A couple of weeks ago we visited Grandpa and Grandma's house for the afternoon to learn about horses (part of a unit on horses we did for school). The kids got to lead the horse, clean hooves, saddle up and ride in the pasture. They had a lot of fun learning about horses--even for city kids!! Above is Elizabeth riding.
Here is Emily up close.

And here is Jordan having fun.

And Jacob who sadly wasn't feeling very well that day.

And here is Kimberly--one very excited 3 year old.

Jordan helped hold Jesse while the others brushed him.

Gotta get him all clean.

And in other news here is Emily and Jordan (if you can find him under all the leaves) enjoying the bounty of oak leaves in the front yard.

And I threw this in because as a family joke we call home The Scoggins Cafe. This started years ago when the kids noticed lots of families going to restaurants after Sunday services. We rarely went because let's face it--we just can't afford to spend close to $50 on one meal every week! So when the kids asked where we were eating we would always say, "The Scoggins Cafe--best food in town!" I guess Emily decided we needed a sign. Many times the kids have even created menus based off the menu calendar I hang on the fridge. But we love eating at home and cooking together so we don't figure we are missing out on anything!

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Our house is Cafe Mom...