Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life Lately

Kimberly taking a nap on daddy's lap.
Elizabeth playing with Jordan.

Jordan and Elizabeth being hams.

Jacob hanging out with the dog.

Jordan running during his gymnastics class.

Elizabeth waiting for instructions at gymnastics class.

Jacob's new pet rat, Popcorn.

Jacob at musical theater class.

Emily at musical theater class.
Family reunion photos from Cooper Lake.....

And punpkin carving on halloween. I will have to post photos of that later. We are waiting for friends to arrive and then we will be going around the neighborhood to collect treats.
It has been a cooler than average autumn and there have been a lot of happenings. I had a personally super-stressful August that ultimately turned out for the best, but was very painful, and in many ways is still a very raw experience. But it has grown me in many ways and been an eye opening blessing to what life should be about and when to shake the dust off and move forward. Then we began school and Friday school and gymnastics and theater class, and life has been full force, but wonderful. We have met some great people and settles into a good routine. Best of all I have seen fruit of spirituality in my children. The Lord has been very good to us. Today we got out the old dvd's of the kids first years and was reminded of the preciousness of each moment and that kind words/actions are never wasted---and to always make time for those you love! Also kinda made me long for a new child in our life if the Lord sees fit to bless us that way. Growth and change are inevitable, but I am so thankful that God is holding my hand through it all! He is growing me in ways I never see coming, Praise Him!
Hope your family is blessed through all life hands you!

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